Thursday, April 18, 2013

Music - Elvis

All Samuels Public Library cardholders are eligible for three free downloads a week from Freegal, a massive online database containing over 500,000 songs.  Sifting through such an enormous selection of music can be a daunting task, so we here at Samuels have decided to offer a few suggestions for the overwhelmed (or new) Freegal user.

In honor of the special guest at our Taste For Books fundraiser this Saturday, we've decided to put together a list of songs by Elvis Presley:

"Heartbreak Hotel"
From Elvis Presley

Elvis’s first record for RCA after leaving Sun Records and his first song to hit #1 on the pop charts, “Heartbreak Hotel” features the young Presley ripping it up with a dynamic vocal performance that moves effortlessly from loud to soft while practically oozing both coolness and carnality.  This potent mix of rockabilly and blues would take the country by storm and make Elvis one of the greatest stars of early rock n’ roll.

"Can’t Help Falling in Love"
From Blue Hawaii

For most of the 1960s Elvis’s recording career took a backseat while he starred in a series of increasingly campy yet tremendously profitable films.  His music from this period lacks the vitality of his early recordings, but one can still find some gems amongst the piles of filler.  “Can’t Help Falling in Love” from the Blue Hawaii soundtrack is a prime example—one of his best loved songs and perhaps one of the most romantic songs of all time.

"Wearin' That Loved On Look"
From From Elvis in Memphis

By the late ‘60s Elvis had been written off as a serious musician, but after a hit televised comeback special he was rejuvenated enough to return to Memphis for the recording of his most stellar material in years.  Every cut on From Elvis in Memphis is excellent, proving that The King hadn’t quite abdicated his throne.  On great tracks like “Wearin’ That Loved On Look” Elvis sounds more energetic and soulful than he had in nearly a decade.

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