Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reading Lists - Twelve Days of Christmas - Christian Fiction 2
The Modern Magi by Carol Lynn Pearson
In a fable about the true meaning of gift giving and sacrifice, waitress Annabelle Perkins dreams of traveling to Bethlehem and bringing a gift to the birthplace of Jesus.

Naomi’s Christmas by Marta Perry
In the weeks before Christmas, Naomi Esch's father announces that he is remarrying and needs the house to himself. In this Amish story, Naomi is left with an uncertain future, but one that holds a surprising miracle.

Once upon a Christmas by Lauraine Snelling and Lenora Worth
Two heartwarming Christian romances appear together in this volume. In Snelling’s "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," a walk in the park leads to romance for a single father. In Worth’s "'Twas the Week Before Christmas," a beautiful socialite is hired by her grandmother to perform a task involving a handsome man.

One Shenandoah Winter by T. Davis Bunn
Connie Wilkes, the assistant mayor of a small rural town in the Shenandoah Valley, is forced to cope with matters beyond her control when the town's new doctor shows little interest in staying and her beloved uncle, who insists on living in an isolated mountain cabin, becomes desperately ill. Though it doesn’t take place in the Shenandoah Valley, you will also like Bunn’s Tidings of Comfort and Joy.

A Plain and Simple Christmas by Amy Clipston
Anna Mae was shunned by her family four years ago when she left her Amish community to marry a non-Amish man in Baltimore. She arrives back in Lancaster County for Christmas. Is it too late for a miracle? She's determined to follow God's will regardless of the outcome.

Sarah’s Song by Karen Kingsbury
Having learned tough lessons from a lifetime of wrong choices, Sarah attempts to intervene when a troubled young woman compromises herself during the Christmas season. For another holiday tale by bestselling Kingsbury, also try Gideon’s Gift.

Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon
Having pursued intellectual matters all of his life, Father Tim discovers the joys of working with his hands when he discovers a worn-out nativity scene and begins to restore it. For further Christmases in Mitford, try Esther’s Gift and The Mitford Snowmen.

Tidings of Peace by Tracie Peterson
Bestselling Peterson presents four Christmas love stories from World War II. Moving from the home front to the front line, each story features brave men and women trying to find meaning—and love—during the uncertainties of war. The unique Christmas settings will put you in the spirit of the season, showing the miracles and mercy so often found during this time of celebrating Jesus' birth.

Unwrapping Christmas by Lori Copeland
With only the best of intentions, Rose masterminds a spectacular Christmas for her family, crowding out their true enjoyment of the holy season. When she's forced to slow down—-in a most unexpected way—-God provides her with the opportunity to discover the real meaning of giving

White Christmas Pie by Wanda E. Brunstetter
In this bittersweet holiday romance set in Amish country, Will Henderson, a young man tortured by his past, meets Karen Yoder, a young woman looking for answers as they both become involved with a desperate father searching for his son.

Zanna’s Gift by Scott Richards
When the Pullman family lost their eldest son to an unexpected illness just before Christmas, it was devastating to all of them, but especially to four-year-old Suzanna. Her brother never saw the Christmas drawing Zanna had made for him that year. This is the story of that gift, and how it inspired the Pullman family to keep alive the spirit of  love, imagination, and hope for generations to come.

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