Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Advice from our Local Authors

If you were unable to make the authors fair last week but are still curious as to what went on – don’t fear! Below you can find the answers to questions that audience members asked our esteemed authors, and if you have any of your own leave them in the comments. We may be able to get an answer for you.

All about Publishing
With each book you write you have to be able to think “How should I publish this book?” Should you go independent, commercial, or self-publish?
If you are going to go the self-publishing route then you really have to be able to edit your own work.

All about Marketing
You are responsible for marketing your own book. You (the author) need to be able to nurture your work so it thrives.
Selling a book is very different than writing that book. If you are really going to sell it then you REALLY need to go out there and just do it.
Covers are essential to how a book sells and how they are marketed in stores. Make sure your cover expresses what you want your book to say.

All about Agents
How do you get an agent? Go on an agent’s website and there are usually instructions to follow in order to contact them. The trick is to find the appropriate agent for your genre.
When asked about how she got an agent, Christine Andreae shared her story. “Just by sheer luck… a friend typed it up for me and sent it to a college roommate who just happened to be a big time editor. She didn’t like it, but she thought someone else might. In one year I got 23 rejections from agents, but finally I was able to get my hands on one.”

Fiction writing
Fiction books seem to be harder to get published, so if you are writing in a genre, the trick is to write in a series. That way the selling point is that the audience is already invested in the characters and the trials they have (and will) face.

When you get that contract – What do you do?
Contracts are so exciting, and there is a great temptation to sign it but you really have to read it first. Usually, if there are terms you don’t like then you can negotiate.

And most importantly – ALWAYS COPYRIGHT. 

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