Saturday, June 14, 2014

Captive Kitty: Food Dish

Home life is perilous.

My food has run out. It is certain that I will die soon.

I try to bring attention to my predicament with the guards, but all they do is shoo me away. What else can I do? I have scratched them, I have climbed on them, I have even attempted to lick their face (even though I am sure they would not taste pleasant).

I usually become hungry when the guards are all fast asleep. Nothing I do will make them feed me, but I try nonetheless.

I whine to them for food – they say I am loud and lock me out of their quarters.

I walk over their sleeping bodies, and they complain that I am heavy and lock me out of their quarters.

I try to busy myself by sharpening my claws or playing under their bed but they say I am annoying and lock me out of their quarters.

So I have taken to a routine.

With my agile abilities I am able to jump onto their bed and wriggle in between the fortress that is their bodies. I position myself on the fluffy apparatus that their heads rest on. Then, like a tiger - I strike!

My paw hits them smack dab in the face. This is my way of saying “Feed me now!” It is my way of being dominant. This is my way of showing them that I have not given up, and that I am not ready for death. And most importantly it is my way of not starving…    

I circle the guard’s feet as he dumps the food into my designated feeding area. He needs to be constantly watched so that he doesn’t forget – possibly leaving me foodless, and weak. He coos and talks to me, but why should I care? All I want is to feel that crunch between my teeth…

I have survived this round, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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