Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting Mythological

Many people are interested in the mythology that shaped the primitive world. Thankfully, we have everything you could ever hope for at the library. Come search our stacks for certain myths or check out the books below to really get a sense of what humans once believed.

Cassell Dictionary of Classical Mythology by Jennifer March
This work provides a comprehensive A-Z guide to the rich and bewilderingly varied panoply of Greek and Roman mythology. It summarises all the major legends and stories, from the creation of the cosmos to the aftermath of the Trojan War and the foundation of Rome, provides a detailed who's who of gods, heroes and mythical creatures, and discusses places, both real and imaginary, that are central to classical myth. Extensive quotations from ancient literature are included throughout the text, helping to give a sense of the vibrant cultures that shaped the development of classical myth and legend. At the same time, attention is drawn, where necessary, to different versions of the same story and to the varying attitudes to major mythical figures taken by classical poets and playwrights. The impact of mythology on ancient and postclassical art is also discussed, as is the link occasionally to be found in stories and legends between mythology and history.

From Olympus to Camelot: The World of European Mythology by David Leeming
Following an initial exploration of the Indo-European sources of European mythology and the connections between the myths of Europe and those of India and Iran, the book proceeds to survey the major beliefs of Greek, Roman, Celtic, Germanic, Baltic, and Slavic cultures, as well as the mythologies of non-Indo-European cultures such as the Etruscans and the Finns. Among its contents are introductions to the pantheons of various mythologies, examinations of major mythological works, and retellings of the influential mythical stories. This work also examines European deities, creation myths, and heroes in the context of Christian belief, and considers the translation of traditional stories into the mythologies of modern European political, scientific, philosophical, and economic movements.

Mysterious Celtic mythology in American folklore by Bob Curran
Many American legends have Celtic origins. Each chapter in this fascinating book presents a Celtic myth and a similar American one. Celtic immigrants brought these legends to all regions of the U.S. Old-world mythology morphs into New World folklore. Curran recounts America's oldest legends and traces their origins to the Celtic mythology of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, presenting a similar old-world tale alongside each American version. Once transported to America, the original Celtic tales evolved to assimilate the new population's geographic, social, and religious customs, weaving their way into the fabric of American folk history.

Mythology of the British Isles by Geoffrey Ashe
Ashe, author of several books on the Arthurian legends (including Kings and Queens of Early Britain , LJ 8/90), here broadens his focus and presents a group of Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and English folklore that, taken together, creates a collective British mythology. Following the format of Robert Graves's Greek Myths, each chapter is divided in two sections. The first part is a narrative of the myth; the second, an explanation of the reality behind it. For example, the myths about Stonehenge--that the stones were magically set up by Merlin and were sacred to the Druids--are recounted in the first section of Chapter 6, while the second section relates the archaeological and astronomical findings that explain origins for many of the stories.

Jealous gods and chosen people: the mythology of the Middle East by David Leeming

David Leeming, who has authored more than twelve books on mythology, here offers the first comprehensive narrative study of the mythology of the Middle East, that tumultuous region that was the cradle of civilization. With key maps, illustrations, bibliography, and index, Jealous Gods and Chosen People provides an inclusive, authoritative, and captivating account of a mythology that remains a potent - and often destructive - force in the world today.

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